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DIY Doldrums

With the influx of COVID-19, many people suddenly found themselves working from home. It seems like everyone decided to tackle their long-awaited, ever present laundry list of items we always planned to do, but never quite found the time. One-by-one we decided NOW is the time! We will tackle, we will defeat, we will accomplish. And so the wrenches and spackle and paint were purchased. We donned our coveralls and attacked our first, second, third project with gusto.

Everything went great until the fourth or fifth item on the list. We hit an obstacle. Maybe that part we ordered on Amazon got delayed, perhaps our kids finished school and needed more of our time and energy, or possibly we simply got tired of spending our time on projects.

So now it sits, the partially done project, haunting us with its unfinished presence. If this sounds familiar, feel free to give us a call. We offer free project consultations and would be happy to help! Whether you simply need a bit of encouragement, some well-timed advice, or a professional to come in and complete the job for you, we are here for you.

Gerber Construction Services


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